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Our company's mission is to be better every day and to deliver top quality products at a fair price.

K span buildings for Cereals

From 9 m openings to 30 m openings our company builds grain storage k span buildings, placed on concrete walls having industrial doors and windows fitted with polycarbonate. The k span building for grain that we build has generous heights, no supporting pillars inside that will imporve the handling. Also there are no screw connection. Advantages: large storage capacity, lack of interior columns, short time to build it. Upon request we offer complete solutions for construction. We offer the best quality / price ratio.

K span buildings for equipment

The way you can best protect your machines during winter and not only is the housing of a k span buildings. Built on concrete foundations, without the need for a concrete platform, the k span building is spacious and can accommodate your machines and even a mechanical workshop. The mechanical workshop can have a insulated roof sheet that will maintain a low temperature and will protect equipment from damage caused by rodents that can accommodate in the hall if they find a suitable temperature. Advantages: reduced duration to achieve the construction, practicality, best quality / price ratio. Upon request we offer complete solutions for construction.

K span buildings for salt

The k span buildings that our company produces can be used as salt deposits, benefiting from great heights. Closing it with high industrial doors will allow you to fill it up in a 99%. Advantages: no interior columns, high altitudes, high capacity storage. Best price. Upon request we offer complete solutions for construction.

K span building on ond concrete walls

The k span building from AGMI can be accommodate also on existing concrete walls (or old), which may be consolidated and seald with a 30 cm concrete belt. Width between concrete walls must be at least 9 m. The roof arc height is directly influenced by the spring opening. Advantages: no pillars inside the hall, short installation duration, excellent price. Upon request we offer complete solutions for construction.

Over 10 years of experience in the manufacture of metal structures. Over 200 works in service.
Through quality work, experience and services executed at competitive prices the compnay gained customers appreciation every year.
K span building price starts at 42 euros / m2 + VAT. This is a reference price for a 1000 square meters hall.

We are a Romanian company with sole shareholder, founded in 2003. In over 11 years we have focused on the manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures.

ISO 9001: 2008 66 123 / A / 0001 / UK / Ro
ISO 14001: 2004 66 123 / B / 0001 / UK / Ro
INCERC k span building Technical Agreement.

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Eng. Gheorghe Tudose

CEO and Founder

Alex Tudose

Sales and Marketing Director